Products and services



Strategic Location

Valuepark Terneuzen offers a Strategic Location with easy access for suppliers of feedstock and for customers with short links to the main markets.


Integrated Approach

Valuepark Terneuzen offers partners an Integrated Approach which is about co-siting with all relevant elements on one location on the one hand and making optimum use of the synergies between all parties on the other hand.


Excellent Logistic infrastructure

Valuepark Terneuzen has an Excellent Logistic infrastructure with multimodal transport facilities – train, water, pipeline, road – which are essential for efficient up-stream and down-stream transportation of feedstock and products. This also includes different product handling facilities.


Reliable Supporting Services

Valueparkt Terneuzen can offer Reliable Supporting Services. We can not act alone but need the availability of utilities, services and experienced contractors and suppliers.


Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce is available for Valuepark Terneuzen. Chemical and chemical-related industries need a skilled and dedicated workforce. For that reason it is important that a training infrastructure is present to ensure the right inflow of good staff and follow-up training of employees.


Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency is key at Valuepark Terneuzen. At the end of the day we all want to make money. The integrated chemical site offers enormous opportunities for economies of scale, reducing handling and transport activities and strengthening one’s position by joining forces.